“Perpetual Printing Fund,” or Urantia Fellowship Fraud?   

In late 1995 or early 1996, the Fellowship sent out a letter soliciting funds for a PERPETUAL PRINTING FUND. I don't seem to have that letter anymore, but I do have a letter from John Hales THANKING me for my small contribution to the PERPETUAL PRINTING FUND. How many others of you gave to this fund too? (If anyone has the solicitation letter, I'd like to have a copy of it to put on my web page along with the letter below.)

What does PERPETUAL mean, anyway?

per·pet·u·al, adj. 1. Lasting for eternity. 2. Continuing or lasting for an indefinitely long time. 3. Instituted to be in effect or have tenure for an unlimited duration: a treaty of perpetual friendship. 4. Continuing without interruption. See Synonyms at  continual. -American Heritage Dictionary

Is the Fellowship's word good for anything? Doesn't the word "perpetual" mean "forever"? Or like "inviolate", which to the Foundation now means "pretty close", perhaps "perpetual" means "at least a year" to the Fellowship.

Here are two incompatible sets of statements from our confused Fellowship, and the Foundation, the first from the Fellowship letter below dated March '96 and the other from the Foundation's report on the recent lovefest at which the Fellowship promised the Foundation it would never be bad again and gave it some money, and the Foundation promised not to hit the Fellowship:

"On behalf of The Fellowship I wish to thank you for your generous pledge of $XX.00 to the Perpetual Printing Fund. This fund will be used solely for this and future printings of the Urantia Book."     -John Hales, March '96


"Pending any appeal to the 9th Circuit's decision, URANTIA Foundation shall release The Fellowship and Uversa Press from all claims for damages from having published the first and only Uversa Press edition of The URANTIA Book."..."The Fellowship shall make a significant donation to the Foundation's Translation fund."

The Fellowship's ship seems to be without a rudder, or worse, with too many Captains. "Hey, let's go this way this week and go that way next week."

To me, "the first and only Uversa Press edition" seems to mean no more books from the Fellowship. So then, what does the word "PERPETUAL" in the Fellowship's "PERPETUAL PRINTING FUND" mean? Does it just mean the FUND is perpetual, and not the PRINTING? Aren't words wonderful? You can lie with them in so many ways. Then again, maybe there's an OUT in the words from the Foundation, "Pending any appeal..." Loopholes, that's what we need. If there is NO appeal [by whom, Kristen?] the Foundation will release the Fellowship from the threat of being hit, but if there is an appeal [by whom, Kristen?] then the Foundation will sue the Fellowship for its having published the Revelation while it was legal to do so, is that right? But how does what Kristen does in appealing or not appealing have anything to do with what the Foundation does regarding the Fellowship? Where is the connection?

I don't want my little contribution to the PERPETUAL PRINTING FUND returned, but I would like to see an ACCOUNTING of that fund. Where is the money now? What is going to be done with that money that was for printing the book "forever"? Please don't give it to the Foundation. I think there was some monkey business with their so-called "perpetual printing fund" some years ago too, if I remember correctly. Please General Council, WE NEED OUR OWN BOOK, just like we had. Please get back on course.

Norm.  (Fellowship's "Perpetual Printing Fund" thank-you-letter, below.)

for readers of The Urantia Book

March 6, 1996

Norm and Linda Du Val

Dear Norm and Linda:

On behalf of The Fellowship I wish to thank you for your generous pledge of $XX.00 to the Perpetual Printing Fund. This fund will be used solely for this and future printings of the Urantia Book.

Harry McMullan's letter informed you of the details of The Fellowship's coming edition of The Urantia Book. This is an important event which will help facilitate the ongoing work of increasing book availability at a reasonable price. We hope this will aid you in your efforts to introduce those in your circle of friends to an expanded understanding and knowledge of God, his purposes for us, and lead to an enlarged personal assurance of the loving nature of all the ministering spirits who work tirelessly on behalf of the truth-seekers of time and space.

We wish you well in your endeavors to live and spread the teachings of The Urantia Book.

In fellowship,

John Hales
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Note: The Fellowship is a not-for-profit organization and your contribution is tax-deductible to the maximum amount allowed by law. The donor has received no goods or services for this contribution.

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