Byron Belitsos and the channelers,
the “Teaching
Mission,” the “Correcting Time,” and belief in The Urantia Revelation

Recently Byron Belitsos appeared as a guest on a two hour segment of Art Bell’s Coast to Coast radio show, hosted by George Noory. Byron was there to answer questions about The Urantia Book. Byron is apparently well read in The Urantia Book and the natural assumption by the show’s host and the listeners is that Byron is also a believer in The Urantia Book, that is, that he believes the entire book and that he believes the book is what it says it is, “the most recent presentation of truth to the mortals of Urantia” from God’s government.

Does it matter if Byron believes the whole Urantia revelation? Well yes, of course it does, if he’s going to be on the radio or TV or any other forum answering questions about the book and leaving the assumption that he is qualified by belief to represent the book. Any such representative simply must be a full believer. If the radio show wanted to know more about Mormonism or Judaism or the Lutheran religion, you should reasonably be able to expect that the spokesperson representing those faiths and answering questions about those faiths would be a believer in those faiths, even a “fundamentalist” in those faiths. What’s wrong with that?

Byron recently contacted me. He says he is not a channeler per se, meaning that he does not personally  transmit and receive whatever it is that that those who do transmit and receive think are transmitting and receiving. It hardly matters. Byron is into the channeling movement up to his neck, and I use the term channelers broadly to include them all, those who channel and those who follow and buy into the whole sordid business. Some of my relatives are faithful practicing Catholics, but they are not priests. Nevertheless, both lay people and priests are Catholics. Similarly, those who transmit-receive and those who sit on the cushions and listen, and write books, and promote the practices and the transcripts are all channelers.

I have come to the realization that most if not all of the channelers who associate themselves with the Urantia movement and who orbit around it are not full believers in the Urantia revelation, I have asked Byron on several occasions about his belief in the book. I have asked him if he believes the entire book, and if not, which parts doesn’t he believe? He has refused to answer. And I’ve found that to be the case with partial believers in the Urantia Revelation, especially with the channelers, they don’t want to answer the question of “How much of the Urantia Book do you believe, and if you don’t believe it all, which parts don’t you believe?” Why do channelers and other partial believers in the Urantia revelation like Saskia Raevouri dislike so much having their partial belief exposed? But isn’t it fair that we all know where we stand and that believers should be able to know who out there are quietly letting it be assumed that they’re believers in the Revelation when they’re not? Again, what’s wrong with that?

Because Byron is only a partial believer in the Urantia Revelation (I’m assuming, -he has so far refused to say), and because he has other agendas, fringe cult adventures in channeling (“transmitting-receiving,” -used to be called “séances” in times past but terms change along with the times. What was “clairvoyance” is now “remote viewing.” This is real progress!) such as the so-called “Teaching Mission,” and the ever-coming-but-never-arriving “Correcting Time,” he should in all honesty disqualify himself in the future from any situation where he might be seen to be representing The Urantia Book, or he should clearly state his belief level in his opening statements.

Some questions: When is "The Correcting Time" going to kick in? It's been what, a decade or more now of insipid, smarmy, vacuous "transcripts." What is the payoff? What has been corrected? When will this "Correcting Time" show some planetary fruit in the form of peace on earth, fewer bombings and wars, etc? What can we point to and say that this is a manifestation of "The Correcting Time?"


"Those who reject the reality of the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time, as you do, fail to see that this vast new celestial mission, which is to culminate in the advent of Magisterial Son, is indeed this mercy-in-action, which is presented in such a way as to not violate free will of anyone. It is right in front of your nose, but you have the free will to reject it. That's how much you are loved."    -Byron Belitsos

P.1487 - §9 War on Urantia will never end so long as nations cling to the illusive notions of unlimited national sovereignty.

P.1490 - §3 With scientific progress, wars are going to become more and more devastating until they become almost racially suicidal.

P.2082 - §2 This secularistic human society, notwithstanding its unparalleled materialistic achievement, is slowly disintegrating.

P.865 - §6 ...It should be made clear that the midway creatures are not involved in the sordid performances taking place under the general designation of "spiritualism."

P.1245 - §7 Angels do not invade the sanctity of the human mind;

P.2089 The secret of [Jesus'] unparalleled religious life was this consciousness of the presence of God; and he attained it by intelligent prayer and sincere worship--unbroken communion with God--and not by leadings, voices, visions, or extraordinary religious practices.